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Takeo man dies suddenly on the spot while victim victim Husband, drunk, anniversary and abusive wife every day For many husbands, the one-off has caused a stir 7 and 30 pm on February 26, 2020 in the village of Muang talks Tram commune local jeweler.

According to Tramkok district police chief Dok Tia, the woman and the perpetrator were named 50-year-old Sam Nget The victim's husband, Khem Ri, 49, who lives in the village, was the victim. And the husband was taken to the head by the wife, causing his death immediately on the spot, but he was not satisfied. Family and relatives transported to Provincial Referral Hospital, but doctors say the victim has died Return home for your holiday. The woman was immediately arrested by district police.

He added that for the victim's husband, the drunkard was the one who abused his wife and Every day, he does not help his wife and children to support his wife and children. The factory operator will have six children in charge, including three women and a female Also three men.

He added that now the husband is dead and his wife is in jail and the six children are orphans. There is no refuge.

And in front of the provincial criminal police, the woman confessed that she had actually lost the hoe to her husband. In real life, this is because the husband never thought of working and raising a wife and children at home and He worked in the factory in the morning from home at 4 pm or 5 pm He had come home from work, very tired, but every day when he came home from work, he never saw her husband Help in business.

According to the source, he had come to see his wife and children every day before the incident. He had a meal with the children, and the alcoholic then got drunk and then beat his wife and children. With no more perseverance, he pulled a slap on the head for a seizure .

Colonel Sam Seth Socheat, provincial provincial criminal chief, said at the moment, our expertise is building. The case to send the above suspect to the provincial court for legal action this afternoon. (Edited by: Bopha)