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Everton are working on a deal to sign a South Korean player, according to a report from theguardian website. Coming to England next season.

Beijing Guoan defender Kim Min-jae in the Chinese Premier League (CSL), who is currently on the rise and is a standout player Asia have reportedly been linked with a move to the Premier League with Everton under coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The 23-year-old South Korean member, nicknamed "Monster", has been set at £ 13.5m for the Beijing Guoan club. Any club that wants the 1.9-meter-high defender. In addition to Everton, which has a high percentage of players, several European clubs are also interested. Much to Min-jae's: RB Leipzig, Lazio, Porto and PSV, but his idea is to move to England. While Watford and Southampton are also reportedly wanted.

Kim Min-jae emerges with success with Jeonbuk Hyundai in South Korea 2018 will also be named the Player of the Season. Kim joined the Beijing Guoan club for £ 4.5 million in January 2019 and has continued to grow in strength.

Kim was also part of the Under-23 South Korean team that defeated Japan in the final of the Asian Games September 1, 2018 And he continued to show his strength with the Asian Cup senior team last year despite their defeat Despite Qatar's last eight, Kim was named the best player of the tournament Too