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Battambang: A tractor driver was seriously injured while two tractor-trailer collided with a mine in Washington 10:30 am on May 30th in Anlong Bang Village, Khleang Meas Commune, Bavel District.

Bavel district inspector, Sok Sarin, said the tractor driver, Rooth Teth, 25, was in Samrong Chey village, commune. Baldland, Wales, was seriously injured when two tractors were damaged. Inspectors confirmed that the victim had opened a tractor into the field to plow their fields to the name of Leun Leu, the owner of the land. Plowing it every year, this year suddenly grinds down the mines of Washington.

According to local officials, according to the mine site, anti-tank landmines have been excavated During the wartime, annual rentals were not in danger until the year of the new plow, when it was raining. As the tractor opened, it struck the anti-tank mine, injuring both the driver and the tractor. ៕