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In this era, most successful people do not like to be unemployed, which is why more people take it Work yourself up until you have no time to make money and achieve life's goals.

For some jobs, the hours you work and the results of your work may affect one another, but for some others Which requires a lot of thinking, working tirelessly cannot help you come up with new and exciting ideas. The following are the benefits of reducing working hours:

1. It forces you to plan your time well
Obviously, not all the jobs you have on hand are equally important. When the time is limited, you have to force yourself to reorganize and focus on what is important to you Only while giving up other tasks isting your time.

2. You start to focus on the results of your work
The more you start working on the more important tasks you will begin to see, the better your performance. And doing so makes it easier for you to reject work that you feel is not important to you.

3. It forces you to manage your work better
If you have a job that requires about 10 hours but you only have 8 hours to work on, it will force you to start allocating some work To optimize your work too. Doing so will not only improve your work performance, but also help others in your team learn more Well.

4. You will be more creative
According to a 2014 study by a professor from the University of California, authors found new ideas. When they don't work. In fact, when the brain doesn't think about work all the time, it allows you to start thinking of new ideas that can help make money Keep it for you in the future. In addition, making time for activities in your life can improve your health and improve your life Too happy