Phnom Penh: Heng Sour, Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Stressed that Cambodia is prepared to respond to any impact on the sector. Cambodian trade due to unfair decision making. Whether or not there is an EBA from the EU, Cambodia is committed to improving working conditions, respecting the rights of workers' rights. For the last 20 years, the Kingdom has never withdrawn from this policy.

Mr. Heng Sour's statement was made during a consultation meeting on the plan for a better factory. The Cambodia BFC will be held in the Cambodian Hotel on February 17, 2020.

While there has been criticism of some of the EBA parts that the EU has recently introduced in Cambodia, Then, Heng Sour said that Cambodia is not as bad a country as Cambodia is, and that Cambodia is always comparing itself with others. In other countries, there is the International Labor Organization (ILO), the BFC Project, and all Brand Owners Witness how well Cambodia performed in the last 20 years in terms of working conditions and freedoms You are a biologist.

According to Heng, when Europe decided to do some part of the EBA, it was not because Cambodia did not impose conditions on workers, workers or freedom But it is because of the political issues that some countries require Cambodia to follow their foreign policy. Theirs is a double standard. However, they should not attach working conditions to politics.

The Secretary of State said that Cambodian people do not want justice but do not want equality. Be optimistic and be optimistic about what Cambodia is all about.

He said Cambodia was prepared to respond to any impact on Cambodian businesses due to the fact that the country was in a bad mood. Unjustly decided. Whether or not there is an EBA, the Royal Government of Cambodia is already committed to improving working conditions, respecting the freedom of workers. Employees are a priority, so Cambodia is trading on working conditions.

For the last 20 years, Cambodia has not shied away from this policy, even its strategic development plan. Cambodia also emphasizes the need for ensuring the conditions of employment, freedom of enterprise and professional organization in Cambodia to ensure productivity. Cambodian Product is a clean product that adheres to the standards. International conventions and international conventions that Cambodia has ratified, Cambodia continues to examine and continue to work closely with. The ILO, even if they do not believe in Cambodia, believes in what the ILO mechanism is currently doing in Cambodia. ៕ By: Columbus