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Jakarta: Some mosques in Jakarta, Indonesia, still hold a prayer meeting Friday, March 20 Despite the government's call for a two-week halt to religious prayer and assembly, According to channelnewsasia Published on March 20.

Thursday evening, Anies Baswedan, the governor of Jakarta, said religious activities, including prayers in the church, should be addressed. Suspended due to the outbreak of the Kovi-19 virus.

The governor of Jakarta will also slash religious rites next week, with thousands planned Will attend that.

Although the main mosque in the Indonesian capital has canceled Friday prayers as requested by the government Although some mosques seem to have ignored the ban, they continue to pray.

Indonesia on Friday declared a state of emergency for two weeks As the death toll rises to 32, as the country has the highest number of Asean member states, 32 There have been 369 confirmed cases of HIV infection 19.