Phnom Penh: Apart from what is already stated in the action plan and policyThe Minister of Agriculture has urged the leaders and officials under the Forestry Administration to review the key points provided by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2019, including a number of recommendations for the year 2020, to be considered as the basis of a tripartite direction and strategic or strategic plan. Implementation and problem solving More success for the year 2020.

The morning of February 5, 2020 at the Ministry of Ministry held a meeting to review the working outputs of 19 19 0 of the Forestry Administration, the ceremony was presided over by Minister Veng Sakhon.

In the beginning, Mr. Keo Omalaly, the President of the Royal Government of Cambodia, received a letter from the President of the Forestry Administration, read, welcomed and reported to the NGO A briefing on the achievements of the past year, especially the results of the two-day meeting, highlighting the achievements. Important in the management and conservation of healthcare resources Forestry, wildlife, biodiversity, research, development and implementation of legal documents, legal work, extension training, nursery cultivation And prevent deforestation, wildlife, status and development of the forest community, challenges, targets and implementation plans, etc.

The minister said that this action clearly demonstrates the Forestry Administration's interest in implementing the revised policy. In-depth profile of the Government, with three main issues being addressed: 1) management of forest resources, forest reserve; Domestic consumption contributes to flood drought In particular, climate change, forestry monitoring and management; 2) protecting natural resources, biodiversity and endangered species; The management and development of the forestry community by the will, ownership and transparency. In the framework of the government's reform agenda, the government also mentioned supporting strategies and national plans. Sustainable Forest Management: National Strategic Development Plan (2019-2023) Development Strategic Plan Take Action (2019-2023) REDD + Strategy (2017-2025) and Review Increased the unpaid national forest programs (2010 -2029).

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Prime Minister highlighted the benefits of forest resources, which are a valuable source of natural resources. And is promoting the national economy, community forestry, sustainable ecological and tourism environment Biodiversity shelter provides habitat and food for life Texas humans and wildlife. All types. Therefore, the management of these natural resources is sustainable and sustainable, and in particular efforts to unite to prevent deforestation. The forest has been illegally cleared of forest land and wildlife for the use of its economic land concessions. In addition to the legality of the implementation of the law Forestry and legal regulations relevant.. These are important objectives that we need to promote, to be responsible, effective, in-depth, timely, and effective. . In particular, the focus on forest restoration in every aspect is the Forest Administration's main mandate for management and development. Support sustainable forestry in response to ever-increasing local forestry needs and promote The livelihoods of the forestry community and their continued growth Yes.

The Minister made it clear to the assembly that it was behind it
The key achievements that the delegates reported above are inseparable from their efforts. Take care, take responsibility and provide better cooperation from the inter-governmental authorities under the national and There are many armed forces that have supported, facilitated, and provided contracts In the past, he highly valued this commitment and ideal and hoped and believed that cooperation This will continue to be enhanced and enhanced by 2020. In addition to the positive aspects, we recognize and accept the ongoing solutions to many issues related to forest resource management. Properly allocate time and resources using existing mechanisms and other new measures and especially high recommendations. Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen for implementation Keep in 2 0 0 2 to ensure the macro-control and the development of forestry conducting efficiency by adding others. By the year 2020, the Minister once again took the opportunity to meet leaders and officials at all levels of the Forestry Government to support and encourage the state It is to increase the focus and responsibility of performing the tasks and tasks more effectively and effectively. More Recent Benefits ៕ By: Columbus