Phnom Penh: The Rapid Reaction Team of the Commissioner of Customs, Battambang On February 13, 2020, please inform the Special Public, Facebook's Social Networking Specialist, that the case is dated February 7, 2020, of the Commissioner of Government Police in Batdeng province sued Facebook account owner (Emperor Mohamed) whose real name was Houtho April 1979 is in Prosecution minutes of the first school in Battambang province.

Clarification of the Provincial Police Commissioner: Access to Poverty Alleviation, Contracting to Stop Action, and Access to Education by Classes Leading the commissioner of the Facebook account owner, Emperor Mohammed, on February 11, 2020, is the right and obligation of the Company.

In order to be fully aware of the above case, we would like to present all documents related to this case please the public and no Confused that (cursing and apologizing for that), but the implementation of such measures at the Battalion Provincial Commissioner is intentional. Let the person who has done the mistake know the mistake And they dare to take the blame and make themselves worthy of a good government in society. It is the discretion of the Battambang Municipal Court to rule on the complaint.

Lastly, please the state as well as the public at large, do not model the bad actions that cause the mistake. And congratulations to all citizens for their support in carrying out their mission. The national police serve the people in accordance with their legal duty Determined with respect. By: Flamingo