Phnom Penh: HE Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education Youth and Sports Presides Over Electronic Regional Conference on Political Forums ASEAN Health and other platforms to measure anti-coronary 19 resistance and control for the spread of the Global Compact 19.

Speaking on the occasion, HE Dr. Sok An mentioned that Cambodia has been implementing and communicating with the health sector in collaboration with development partners. National and International Anti-Kovidens 19. Specifically, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has three main policies to play in the prevention of anti-retroviral 19:

1. Policy and education responses of the prevention of the epidemic 19

2. Implementing best practices to manage the education system during the prevention of disease 19

3. Strategies and Guidance Principals, School Opening, and Future Learning After the Coverage Crisis 19.

His Excellency added that the correct policy, strategy and planning can avoid heavy losses and seize the opportunity from crisis to good opportunity. Achieve equality and a quality education system. The government's response to the HIV epidemic has been implemented in a timely and effective manner.

By: Kolab