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A man passed away in 2012, but before he died he paid his wife to buy a flower for the holiday. Of love and birthday every year to express his deep love, even after his death.

For the past eight years, Rich Cox has been giving his wife a birthday and Valentine's Day. When his wife Tracey received flowers in the first year of his death, his wife was shocked.

"It's very emotional," Tracey told CNN on Friday. It was sad but also fun at the same time because I just knew he would always be with me. But flower delivery didn't stop after 2013. I always flower every year. ”

The message that comes with flowers changes all the time, but love stays the same. A message from 2018 reads: “Even though you don't see me, you are always here with you. I love you. ”

Also, when Rich died, he was 53 years old. He died of throat cancer. His wife Tracey is now 63 years old.