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Pailin: After digging a mine near the riverbank, a landmine was found (type MD822) Ten remaining seeds are buried in the ground. Luckily, the explosion was not immediately exploded, and it was reported to the authorities for inspection and handover. It is forwarded to the Cambodian Mine Action Team (CMAC) for demolition.

The incident to the Mine Action Team (CMAC) took place at 8:30 am. June 20, 2020 at new excavation site after Yeoy Bridge located in Bor Hua Tbong Village, Banthaka Commune, Pailin City, Pailin Province .

Sources say that people have been digging for a plot of land near the river bank to make it even more efficient. Sok suddenly found 10 landmines nearby, which caused the owner of a hairpin and suspended digging. The corpses would have had more land mines.

The source said that until June 20, 2020, it was given to the Cambodian Mine Action Team (CMAC). To demolish.

It is worth noting that a villager recently rented a excavator to dig a plot of land nearby The road suddenly hit two landmines, seriously injuring two people. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Pailin province as there was no demining team yet. Go to the mines yet.

On the other hand, the upper point of the war was very intense, so there was an abundance of unexploded ordnance And the remainder of the landmines are quite alarming.