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During the three-month rainy season, Khmer Buddhist people tend to practice two extremes: marriage, ethnicity, 1 And a log house, considering that this is a day, a day, a day, a business day, a business day.

In this regard, some scholars conclude that it is forbidden to marry the child because our ancestors thought it was raining. It was a rainy month, a landslide, a busy month, and a busy month.

But he warned them not to build the house, because it had rained on it, and had wet it, or made it grow. Why not make a good home.

But we Khmer people generally do not think this is a bad time for both events.

While Buddhism does not prohibit anything, as in the Sutta Sutta, he states when animals are behaved. Good by the Scout, it was a good sacrifice, while good guard, good times, good morning, good day, good No, not today. San Sarin