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From the beginning, Buddhists often bring alms such as candles, incense, oil, cloth, cloth, cloth, and other items to the monks. At the monastery to support him during the rainy season, however, during this rainy season, Khmer monks We still have some difficulties that are not known, especially the need for candles, not candles.

The Maharashtra insisted that the biggest disadvantage was the lack of copper, especially the monks. During the rainy season in some rural or remote monasteries, when monks visit the monastery, there is always a problem. Because of the rainy season, the monks had a hard time worshiping the Buddha, and Buddhists rarely took the lead. Sir.

What is even more difficult is that the monks in the countryside are not only lacking in traffic, some pagodas are also having problems with their accommodation. Also, some pagodas when it rains make it difficult to find a place to live.

Therefore, in order to relieve anxiety, the Buddha advised that Buddhists should celebrate the feast of giving food. C and eat to the monks The thing that the monks needed most was the candle, not the candle.

Lighting candles is good, but it is never too much. Predators should reduce the cost of buying candles, buying oil, replacing copper and other food items as needed. Sure of our monk. San Sarin