Phnom Penh police chief Lieutenant Colonel Sem Ratana, the director of the Road Traffic Administration, confirmed that with the consent of the prosecutor accompanying the Phnom Penh Municipal Court A drunk driver, Chhay Kim Huong, who was driving by law enforcement, was working to enforce traffic laws along Monivong Boulevard in front of Wat Pagoda. An island in Daun Penh will be sent In court, to follow the rule of law, in accordance with Article 83 of the Road Traffic Law, shall be sentenced to six months to two years and a fine of two. Million to 10 million Riels.

Wednesday night, March 11, 2020, as the team controls traffic congestion in Daun Penh district along Monivong Boulevard. In front of Wat Koh, headed by Maj. Gen. Sim Phanom, Brigadier General Sar Samnang, there was also a Highlander truck with the license plate number 2BD-9867. In a tiger situation Chhay Kim Huong, deputy director of the Ministry of Tourism, has been fighting over the enforcement of a traffic law. One seriously injured and two minor injuries on Monivong Boulevard in front of Daun Penh pagoda.

Brigadier General Ek Thath, Deputy Commissioner and the Police Commissioner in Phnom Penh, paid a courtesy call on Brigadier General Sor Samnang, Deputy Commissioner Injury Lieutenant General Lieutenant Dr. Leang, Deputy Chief of the Office of Special Intervention (Severe Injury) Jaw (minor injury) caused by a man Chhay Kim Huong, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Tourism's Office, opened in heavy alcohol (0.78 mmHg) to the mixed forces At 22:50 pm, while Commissioner Ratan was leading a group meeting to enforce land traffic laws along Monivong Boulevard in front of Wat Koh Daun Penh District.

On that occasion, the Commissioner expressed his condolences to all the subordinate officers who worked hard all day and all the day to serve the people and Protects to reduce the risk of night traffic that is often caused by drivers in a drunk situation.

The commissioner also brought some funds and equipment to the victims who were undergoing treatment.

The incident happened at 11:35 pm on March 11, 2020, along Monivong Boulevard in front of Koh Samrong, Sangkat Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. Police are targeting law enforcement, clearing weapons, explosives and arresting drunkards.

Authorities claim that the victim, 33-year-old Chhay Kim Huong, was staying at the house at No. 1038, Street concrete, Trong Moan village, Sangkat Okum Kom, Khan Sen Sok, as the deputy director of the Ministry of Tourism's office. MacHale Gray Gray Wear Plates No. 2BD-9867.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner reported the results of the road traffic law review on Wednesday night, March 11, 2000: 24 vehicles were seized and 239 motorcycles were stopped. A total of 2,616 units. 24 drunk drivers, 11 drunk drivers, driverless helmets and No 239 mirrors. Don't drive !!! ៕ By: Columbus