Svay Rieng province: Three men and women have been injured In the case of a collision between the car and moto, the incident occurred at 19:20 pm on March 11. By 2020, on Route 13 at Trapeang Krat village, corner of Pol Pot commune, Romduol district, between motorbike and bus in the same direction from south to north.

Author: The driver of the car, Pin Thia, age 35, is a taxi driver who lives in her village, Chan Chan commune, Rompor district, Svay Rieng province. Brand Highlights Blue Silver Made in 2003, wearing the Svay Rieng 2B.1239 license plate in the north-to-north direction, turn left when there was also a motorbike. More from later The car overtook the vehicle and crashed into the rear of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to fall.

Sources said: Moto driver Sam Saroeun, male, 25, farmer Wearing a 1K .3158 purple motorcycle helmet, minor injuries, heavy motorhomes. Carrying two passengers, the first one is medical doctor Aun female, 34, worker, unarmed helmet, second victim, Yim Dina, male, 23, farmer, no hat Low Passenger Safety The two passengers were in the village with the moto driver. The reason is because the left turn car lacks caution.

The victim is currently being transferred to a medical center at the Svay Rieng Provincial Hospital while the means are being kept at the Police Inspectorate. Romduol District to proceed to the Legal Road ផ្លូវ By: Waiko