Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner said On the night of April 11, 2020, the Phnom Penh Municipal Police and Police Commissariat organized a meeting to educate people who had been drinking and drinking together. Loud bubbly bells make noise that neighbors cannot rest on. Police confirmed the recommendation to stop drinking at the request of the people who live near the place, who had poured a sack of lava.

According to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner, who posted the news on the official Facebook page, it was almost 11 pm Understanding the Health and Needs of Citizens, The Press and Quick Reaction Unit of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police is still monitoring mailboxes and mailboxes and collaborating with the Post Office To remove Solve challenges to people immediately upon request, especially drinking, pouring a bucket of rap music, making noise that the neighbors cannot relax. .

The Rapid Response and Response Team of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office immediately contacted the Meanchey and Toul Kork inspectors. Citizens Join the Phnom Penh Police Commissariat Khan Meanchey and Toul Kork district inspectors immediately ordered the force to reach several targets, which were filled with drinking, dumping, chanting and making noises. For neighbors who are unable to rest, especially drinking meetings that do not obey the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Police are urging people to heed the Ministry of Health's instructions to prevent and prevent the spread of the HIV virus.