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Kampot: Dr. Pen Simeon, Member of Parliament and Chairman of 10th Committee of National Assembly together with Mr. Chea Tayy, Governor of Board of Governors Provincial Councilor Mr. Chung Phalla, with his Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen Around the province, come down Inspect the buildings, schools and guesthouses in the province that the Kampot administration has prepared to treat patients in case of People are infected with the disease 19.

The school buildings and guesthouses that the provincial administration has made available for inpatient and outpatient treatment in the event of a case of cholera This is in line with the recommendation of the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia to the Prime Minister How to ensure the administration Provincials get ready for both doctor's and inpatient room with medical equipment and a fan bed Fireplace and bathroom, toilet, etc.

In that occasion, Dr. Pen Simmons expressed his appreciation to the provincial leaders and concerned departments Following the recommendation of the Head of Government to better prepare the owner for treatment in case of an outbreak. Infection of the cholera 19 through Residents in the province.

With that opportunity, Dr. Pen Simmons also advised the provincial leaders as well as the provincial health department when the provincial administration Receiving and transporting migrant workers who return from Thailand at any time must be taken Pay close attention to health checks and food supplies for them Well, if the case has been found to be suspicious of any of the 19 known sexually transmitted infections, please suggest and submit He was given a break to continue his follow-up and recovery and allowed them to return to their local homes. Them.

And the people in control who have no doubts about the health of the HIV infection must also be advised When you get home, do not rush in with your family members, let alone for 14 days. Well.

He also advised the provincial leaders and relevant stakeholders to implement the government's guidance measures to the authorities. Cities, districts, communes, and security forces maintain order and public order in the local community In the coming Khmer New Year, don't get together, as this will lead to the spread of cholera D 19 to our local people.

Please note that the Kampot Provincial Government has set up a location and facilities for the treatment of persons infected with HIV / AIDS in the province. Kampot has three locations and five referral hospitals in some districts of Kampot province with approximately 254 rooms. He also funded the teachers' team Thirteen cases were received, with each receiving 200,000 ៛ a total of 2,600,000 ៛ (two million six hundred thousand only).