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Phnom Penh: Young people nowadays use luxury items such as handbags, jewelry, watches or soft drinks. Drugs such as soft coffee consumption.

After all, if you are a rich, wealthy and well-off child, or you have the ability to make money With thousands of dollars each month, spending money on convertibles may not be a problem Accuse you.

However, if you are a young person who has just started working in an institution or is in a position to earn income From US $ 150 to US $ 200 per month, experts advise that you do not This should be done without the need for a lifelong gland.

So, instead of encountering the words "lunar eclipse" or "spend the rest of the day", the experts mentioned a fortune. Among the many things that young people should not spend on, it is the consumption of caffeine or kelp coffee High cost to save money by the end of the ordeal.

"Just don't drink a glass of coffee a day and save money to invest," said Nget Chu, economic adviser at Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC). It can also be a financial success. ” But if you like to drink coffee, it's wise to spend money on this.

"During the salary or income range between $ 150 and $ 200 per month," Ngo Chou said. One month, young people should not be accustomed to high-value coffee because of our salary or income Level. But if young people are accustomed to coffee, then we need to be smart in saving money. ”

"You know that the cost of a cup of coffee is just like you," he said Pay the rent for the site and pay the staff. Well, you can imagine how much your salary is worth. So to save money, if you like coffee you can buy a packaged coffee to support your salary. You »