Recently, a police officer in Kien Svay district made two live videos while driving without wearing a seatbelt. Music is all about club music and smart phone calls to prove that it's now like never before.

However, after the video was completed, the public criticized the proud official for acting as a law enforcer Come, sit on that.

Of course, the criticisms of the masses have come to the superiors to call for education and written contracts to cease such activities later. .

According to the Kandal provincial police commission's Facebook page – Police Commissariat Of Kandal Province posted 15 hours ago, "Please The public is aware:

Following the outburst of criticism of Kim Chhun, lieutenant colonel ID 52238, a police officer at the Kien Svay district police inspector general who made the video Live Facebook

While driving a car and not wearing a belt. The disciplinary council of the Kandal Provincial Police Commissariat conducted the training, guidance, education and contract to cease such activities later. By: Hong Hong