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Stung Treng Province: On the afternoon of April 1, 2020, Cambodian Red Cross Gifts Donate through Provincial Red Cross Branch to the Group Home physicians isolate 40 liters of alcohol, 100 drops of alcohol, to the Provincial Health Education and outreach team of Alcohol 20 liters of 100 soap, Juan The 14 Health Centers offer 14 loudspeakers, 15 heaters to emergency responders Provincial Health Department, as well as six disinfectant sprayers to reduce the infection of Kov-19.

Mr. Mom Saroeun, Director of the Board of Governors, Chairman of the Committee of Provincial CRC and Chairman of the Committee for Prevention and Stomach-19 (COVID-19) Stung Treng province has invited the participants to distribute materials for the prevention and control campaign The fight against the disease, which has taken place in the health department of Sok Phu 19 The Stung Treng Provincial Governor will be invited by the Honorary Vice President, ladies and gentlemen, branch members, chief executives and provincial health officials. Also photos.

On that occasion, the President expressed his deepest gratitude to all of the paramedics who were front line fighters who worked hard The mind rests and prepares to prevent this devastating disease. He also requested the medical team to cooperate with the commune and village authorities to introduce measures to combat the risk of cancer Infected with HIV-19 to community members and workers returning from abroad, be careful and attentive At the recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Ing Ung Vienh, Director of Stung Treng Health Department, confirmed that Huek Hak has not yet been released. There have been cases of COVID-19 infection. But to prevent the outbreak, the Provincial Health Department, with the instructions of the provincial governor, organized a team. Respond quickly and arrange check-ups at the border along major highways, including National Road 7, 78 and National Road 9 Only the Health Department has set up an outreach team Brochures, COVID-19, and community-based research teams, especially those from other countries .

Although the Stung Treng province has not yet been infected with COVID-19, the doctor has confirmed the infection A total of 86 COVID-19 patients (31 females) were screened for the diagnosis of COVID-19, all of which were negative. He added that the screening for the disease also includes people from abroad, such as from Thailand. 41 from China, two from Malaysia, 12 from Vietnam, two from Laos, four from Laos 1 Taliban ៕ (Editing by: Thida)