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We see a growing number of people whose sex lives are deteriorating as a result of their work.

Patients say they don't make love as often and don't seem to have the energy for it They work hard.

He says that when I first moved in with my husband, we had sex almost every night.

Now we only do it once a month. I think it's because we're both tired.

No matter your job, overwork can cause the following sexual difficulties.

1. You will have less time for sex.
2 You are tired, so it is difficult to make up your mind to have sex.
3 You may find it difficult to reach the top.
If you are a woman, you may find it difficult to produce enough lubrication before having sex.
5 If you are a man, you may not be able to get it easily.
6 Stress can make you less likely to give your partner enough love and play.
7 You may also use the same style during sex.
8 Your partner may feel frustrated or angry with you for the symptoms of these tasks.