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Phnom Penh: Over the past year, doctors at Preah Ket Mealea hospital have introduced a technique that is simple in Khmer: “Solutions for biliary obstruction without surgery” or the English term ENDOSCOPIC RETROGRADE CHOLANGIO-PANCREATOGRAPHY (ERCP) to Cambodia for Treat the sick.

Doctors say ERCP techniques are commonly used to diagnose and treat pancreatitis and urinary tract infections. These include: gallstones, bumps, bumps or bladder infections due to pancreatic or white matter tumors. Drops. Previously, all of the aforementioned diseases were treated by surgical removal of the colon or rectum with salivary gland It takes longer and has longer side effects. However, for ERCP: – No abdominal surgery: The patient who underwent surgery did not need surgery – no complication or Post-operative pain – no worries, scarring is not as good or as sticky as abdominal surgery and rest Short-term hospital treatment Possible damage to the daily performance.

Therefore, patients who have or have suspected gallbladder problems can come for a consultation and consultation with a doctor. ERCP technicians at Preah Ketmalea Hospital are safe and have high reliability.