The Ministry of Health has issued an appeal to all citizensIt is advisable not to use the KV test 19 on its own and ask law enforcement to take action against the promoter using the quick test kit.

The Ministry of Specialties made the announcement after tycoon Heng Long bought a 19-kodi test kit for self-testing. Confirmed that screening for coronavirus 19 itself was negative.

The Ministry of Health this morning stated: "Do not use the Rapid Test by Himself.

The Ministry of Health calls on people not to use the Rapid Test as a way to Get rid of the CAVV 19 virus yourself. There are currently a number of rapid test kits available, but so far there are no 19 Kovirus rapid test kits available WHO recognizes the accuracy and effectiveness of the test against the HIV virus 19 Yet, the effectiveness of such a rapid test is staggering Very low, and there are many uncertain outcomes (those who don't have the virus have a positive effect on you) The virus did not result in a measles virus (19). Know the Ministry of Health, and anyone who uses a test kit for a quick test of the virus 19 to the public without permission from the Ministry of Health will be punishable by law.

The Ministry of Health calls on citizens not to use any kind of anarchy or propaganda tools. The Ministry reiterates that only the National Institute of Public Research and the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia are operating in accordance with Sokha's standard operating principles and principles. A world where results are valid.

The Ministry also calls on the relevant authorities to take the strongest possible legal action against any person or company promoting the test equipment. Quickly detect HIV-19 virus without the permission of the Ministry of Health.

Please note that on March 28, 2020, Mr. Heng Long wrote on Facebook: "I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. 19 By yourself. The result came out negative. Tonight will oblige John Chandelena. You look at the blue circle, if two stripes are taken, there will be 19 crayons Wishing you all the best out of this vicious disease (unofficial self-examination has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Health. "

It should be noted that as of March 29, 2020, there were 103 confirmed cases of HIV infection in Cambodia, of which 21 were treated. By: Columbus