Noted in the opening of new businesses, some entrepreneurs appear to be short-lived From the business world, while other entrepreneurs can stay in business and grow.

About this, Oknha Dr Kuch Mengly, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Meng Lee. Kuch Adduy Kimsak said he has noticed a lot in Cambodia with some Cambodians Often, two boats are in high risk of business failure.

“This is a greed that we see some of our Khmer children carry (riding),” said Dr Kouch Mengly. 2 foot boats) Each is a two foot boat. Businesses never ride a two-lane boat for business rules. They do something to grow something, they only get the roots to turn their heads, the roots are strong. Until it overflows to become a billionaire, it is up to them to invest more in this company or that company. Go to protect the first one, the soft one, and the second the curfew.

“But in Cambodia, most of us are moving from Company A to Company B or to Company C,” he said. Let the venture capitalism rein in that leads to a lack of resources, a lack of money, and the business disappears from the world. ”

Another failure was to start the business immediately, which is not a possibility, he said. Composite formulas are common in theory, but in practice it is rare.

Oknha Dr Kouch Mengly added that if there is a venture, there are a number of requirements that experts recommend. It is "Do not trade with partners who do not have the same skills and passion." “And if the stock goes into stock at all, don't add up the first time and know that. But put money in forever. ”

Here, Mr. Oknha stated that if a joint venture is opened, the whole company will register and run everything. A single company for tens of thousands of dollars, for example, is investing $ 100,000 and not just raising money. Add again and again for the cost of running the company. And it has to be decided that the company is the one who decides to take over and the party is only 30% or 40% walk away. .

And the company needs to have the correct list, have the correct Audit Report. And the right shareholders pay the right taxes.