Stung Treng: Sesan district police yesterday handed over 39 firearms collected from local residents to the National Weapons Office Explosion of Stung Treng Provincial Police to save and proceed according to legal procedures.

Sesan District Inspector Tes Phealeap told the Post that after understanding the policy of safe villages and communes and the risk of illegal possession of weapons. Local people in the seven communes of Sesan district, especially those who used to hunt wild animals, woke up to bring weapons and weapons Their processing is handed over to the authorities to be stored and destroyed in accordance with legal procedures.

"I was very happy to see our people wake up and bring these weapons to our authorities," said Pheap Leap. Save to proceed with legal proceedings. The 39 weapons include one AK44, two AK47s, one CKC, and the rest are recycled weapons. .

According to Mr. Pheap, the 39 weapons are currently being stored at the Stung Treng Provincial Police for safekeeping. Follow the procedure.