Pailin: Subcommittee on Dispute Relation and Public Functioning at Sub-National Level Continues to Gather Evidence of Dismissal of a Doctor Due to Posting Message from inactivity encountered by doctors while working to prevent the spread of Kovid 19.

Pailin provincial governor fired Khem Mony Kosal in March 2021. On May 18, Mr. Mony Kosal addressed the committee to mediate the duties of public functions at the sub-national level.

Nak Nang, a member of the Conflict Mediation and Public Affairs Committee at the sub-national level and director of the Department of Civil Service, told the Post at On May 18, after the interrogation of Mr. Mony Kosal, the committee will continue to invite the representative of Pailin Provincial Administration as the other party. Participate in clarifying this issue in order to reach a compromise between the two sides soon.

"We still have procedures to follow until we gather more evidence, we reach a conciliation meeting and a final evaluation," he said. Once we have collected, the committee will evaluate each of the facts to be decided and how each party must decide? "Now we can not say how."

"On my behalf, as well as on all the committees, everything has to be done according to the rules and procedures," Nak Nang said. We can not decide who is wrong and who is right at this time without any documents or evidence of argument. "So everything is decided on all legal grounds."

Mr. Nak Nang claimed that the committee would resolve the complaint within 60 days of receiving the complaint from the parties. Disagreeing with the committee's decision is to appeal to the National Committee or continue to appeal to the court for a trial. Law.

The commission was set up on April 2 by order of the Ministry of Public Works, with seven members, including Pailin provincial governor Ban Srey Mom. .

Mr. Khem Mony Kosal told the Post after commenting with the committee, expressing hope that the committee would give him justice. A leading medical team in the prevention of Kovid 19.

"What I have just said is that we want a solution to be honestly involved in the fight against this epidemic, unintentionally," he said. "Any bad."

He said the committee asked him for personal information and work history and the reasons for the dispute.

"I want a compromise to end the problem peacefully," he said.

Mr. Khem Monikosal asked the provincial administration to provide clear evidence of his wrongdoing, which was as claimed by the provincial administration in the eviction. He came out of a framework that has served for many years.

Mr. Un Bunly, Administrative Director of Pailin Provincial Hall, confirmed that the provincial administration will participate in implementing the decisions of the committee.

"We have followed the legal procedure to evict him, if in the future he is not satisfied," he said. It is his right to continue. ”