Phnom Penh: Yesterday afternoon, July 26 In 2020, a shocking incident occurred when a woman, while leaving her mother-in-law's house halfway through a quiet forest road, was suddenly robbed. Ambushed, robbed, and brutally killed.

Through Facebook, the victim was identified as Roeun Chanthou, a native of Thlok Chheuteal village, east of the market. Spear.

After all, what makes us all even more sad is that the victim's husband just died from an electric shock. The fire did not last for a few months, now her wife has died, leaving her 2-year-old daughter orphaned without her parents' knowledge The most pathetic case.

According to Chim Channa's Facebook account, "Husband was electrocuted just three months ago. "Playing at the house of the mother-in-law, the thief died at the age of 2 years old, living halfway down the street at 4 pm in Speu."

In addition, a Facebook account named Mrr Pov Sarath also posted an emotional message: "RIP is so young. Girl, my husband did not die much, now my wife is dead, leaving orphans, parents at a young age, please do not give birth to any nation Life is as short as this nation. May your soul rest in peace, the murderer who killed you will not escape. ” By: Lim Hong