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Kompong Chhnang Province: Preliminary reports said yesterday was at 10 am on January 19 due to a minor defective. 9 to 10 years 2 to 3 people pick an unknown hand grenade and throw it at an older person The takeover will be handed over to CMAC officials

Initial information from CMAC officials who received a grenade confirmed that the bomb was Ammunition and explosives, unknown to the country, and then stored. Go. Local police officials said two or three children had picked up the grenade at the Sorapa point in the village. Pring Sangkat Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang City, and was taken by the elderly to the authorities while the children were playing.

However, on the morning of January 20, a CMAC officer examined the area and found that it was not a bomb The hand that causes no harm to man is the ashes. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but a CMAC official who gave the Jan. 19 information still claimed it was for safety. Any accident, as the grenade looks like this, looks real and familiar. Therefore, it is necessary to check it carefully, but after it is done, a proof of identity is obtained. It looks like this bomb to avoid confusion.

Ironically, while police were searching for the owner of the bomb today, CMAC officials indicated it was not It was a bomb. Edited by: Sokhuk

Confirm: Children find hand grenades thrown in and play, but old ones are still in sight