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Phnom Penh: Actress Dionita releases a story that people did not know about during her depression Strong. She revealed the one who caused her depression at the time.

"A year ago, I smiled back and forth with tears," Dionita posted recently. Depression is almost always bloody depressing, still painful, to the point of fullness again and again to try again. Finding yourself back almost always down, because of the word help, because of the word motivation, because the word is sincere. It destroyed me, almost impossible to survive during that time, but I didn't make it public because I could Promise yourself, "I am the one who gives them hope, not their hope."

Until I get strong and come back to myself, you come back again and ask Do you want to kill me again? Only kill me because I know the taste, but if you want to feel my family, you should not die It was me and my family. This lesson I learned from the teacher so I just apply it to the teacher, maybe not wrong, do not come in narrow life I'm fine.

The message that Sodita posted may indicate that she was depressed as a man she was Shows identification.

Sonita returned to her art career after she suffered a traumatic event that ended her career. Dare to go out in public. After the episode came back to life, Dionita returned to the stage in which she played Video clip with partner Alexandra posted on Facebook . Currently, in addition to art, she is also busy with her own cosmetics business.

Sonita had been dating out of wedlock with Alexandra, but the two have not yet. Breaking news at a wedding anytime soon.