Phnom Penh: Sign MoU on Market Promotion ProjectAIMS To contribute to the challenges facing the vegetable sector, the Ministry of Commerce, which conducts marketing campaigns for smallholder farms, has created a cluster of farmers. Producing 18 safe vegetable provinces to market and facilitate public-private partnerships to improve productivity and profitability Vegetable sector.

On the afternoon of May 26, 2020, HE Pao Heng Dara, Secretary of State and Minister of Commerce, HE Pan Soysak, Minister of Commerce, presided over the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding. Understanding the Market Promotion Project for Small Agriculture (AIMS) and KCV Investment Plc. KCCV PLANTATION CO., LTD, on the development of a secure agri-food product chain at the Ministry of Commerce.

The signing ceremony was attended by HE Vuth San, Chief Advisor of Ministry of Commerce, HE Chan Sokthy, Director General of Department of Commerce in the country and Director. Market Promotion Project for Small Agriculture, Excellencies, leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, development partners, farmers groups, safe vegetable growers and various project team.

HE Pheng Heng Dara says that in order to contribute to the challenges in the vegetable sector, the Ministry of Commerce, which conducts market promotion projects for smallholder agriculture, has set up a cluster Farmers produce safe vegetables in 18 target provinces to market and facilitate public-private partnerships to improve productivity and profitability On the vegetable sector.

The Secretary-General added that the MoU will further deepen the cooperation between the market and small-scale markets. Improve the safety value chain of agribusiness products, especially facilitate safe vegetable production by supporting vegetable production plans And market linkages.

The Secretary added that the market promotion project for smallholder agriculture is a joint project of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). ) And is headed by the Ministry of Commerce with the goal of enhancing the prosperity of Cambodian small farmers through greater profits by connecting agriculture. – Trade and Marketing. The project operates in 18 provinces and intervenes on five commercial value chains: vegetables, chicken, rice, cassava and raw silk.

In addition, the project facilitates multilateral forums with actors, vegetable value chains to address challenges in the field such as planting techniques, financial planning Objects and Business, Irrigation Systems, Credit and Markets.

Recently, the project has partnered with KCV Advertising Company, which is building the mall In Phnom Penh to connect farmers with safe vegetable communities from direct production communities to Phnom Penh.

It should be noted that the main objectives of this MOU include identifying opportunities for joint action and strategic partnership as a solution to the problem. Challenges in the context of agribusiness and market issues and promotes local agribusiness / products through the system Modern markets and market connections to support local farmers.

By: Kolab