Phnom Penh: Six out of nine suspects were remanded in custody while three were sent to drug rehabilitation centers after detention. 101 people in Go18 Karaoke Club in Sangkat Phsar Depot 1, Khan Toul Kork on August 26 related to storage, trading and use Drugs.

Kuch Kimlong, spokesman for the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, said yesterday that nine out of 101 people had been sent to court yesterday. First, September. Phnom Penh Municipal Court Deputy Prosecutor Muth Dara has charged six people with trafficking, conspiracy to use and conspiracy to commit drug trafficking. Addicted. The other three are charged with drug use.

“After questioning the nine of them, Mr. Muth Dara sent them to the investigating judge, Mr. Im Vannak, to continue the proceedings. Im Vannak decided to detain six people on September 2. The three suspects charged with drug use were sent to an educational center for drug treatment.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police spokesman San Sok Seiha said yesterday that police officers from the Phnom Penh Municipal Police's Bureau of Minor Offenses had sent The suspect went to court on the morning of August 30 for questioning and formally charged in connection with the case.

He said that the nine people are: Huang Fei Xiong, male, 30 years old, Chinese, and Huang Fei Hao, male, 30 years old. 23-year-old Chinese named Lin Kang Lai, male, 47 years old, Chinese 4th-named Zhang Jin Wei, male, 30 years old, Chinese 5th China: Visalbot, male, 41 years old, Cambodian, 6th Security Chief: Ngoc Giau, female, 20 years old, Vietnamese, 7th Name: Yay Vutha, male, 34 years old, Khmer, 8th: Sao Sokea, male, 19 years old, Khmer, and 9th: Tit Chankakda, male Male, 22 years old, Cambodian.

He added that the police confiscated 19 bottles of water, suspected to be drugs, 14 pink medicine bottles, branded water bottles. Rel deil 1 bottle 27 grams of white gram powder – 23 small packs of green pills 23 small packs of 63 Chinese characters Sidomuucul binary stawlna green powder 16 small packs 20 packets of tea powder 10 small packets of fruit powder 10 packs of apple pills 6 packs of blue and 5 packs of red.

He said: "We have sent to the court, all nine people and all the exhibits, but the court decided I do not You know, it depends on the court ruling according to the law. ”