Phnom Penh: National Committee for the Prevention, Elimination and Suppression The clearing, clearing and clearing of forest land for land acquisition, held a second meeting presided over by Minister Veng Sakhon, a committee chairman at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 2020.

Minister Veng Sakhon said that the meeting aimed to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the implementation of the law, sub-decree and directive of the Royal Government. The government will draw on the experience of all members of the local authority committee to formulate a systematic strategy to address the issues currently underway. Forest-related logging burn land clearing and fencing of state forest land disputes as a federal right.

On this occasion, the National Committee also informed that in general implementation of the previous procedure found that despite the letter, legal, legal and land policy of The government, but the problem of encroachment on state forest land, is still ongoing in every aspect, including: deforestation, agriculture, commercialization of housing The power of inspiration The poor people hacked to impede forest land already made sales letter buy ownership has received recognition from the State authorities. All of these issues are serious issues of mixed concern that make the National Committee concerned about the loss of forest land. Our future. On behalf of the President of the National Committee, the Minister received all the suggestions and suggestions from the members of the Committee as important inputs for building the foundation. Draft Law on Preventing Forest Clearance and Forestry Regulations by the State Forestry Administration Right, the President encouraged the members Committee: National Committee Sub-Committee: Committee of relevant ministries and governors of Provincial Government to review the draft law in detail In-depth, wide-ranging within the professional and sub-committees to ensure the draft is safe, transparent and sound. And specifically in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Code which In effect, submitted to the Government review and decision. By: Flamingo