Phnom Penh: Department leaders and school management are responsible for the law If a response is made to a crime scene in the school, such as a case of violence that seriously undermines the education reform process The Royal Government will not allow the small flames of inaction to provide education services to spark fires.

According to Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Koung Sreng during the closing ceremony of the Education Congress 2018-2019 and the academic year 2019-2020 On the afternoon of January 31, 2020 at the Department of Education, Youth and Sport
Phnom Penh.

Mr. Khong Sreng said
Over the last few years, a number of schools have experienced similar incidents of violence against students at Hun Sen Bun Rany Market High School. Violence and Violence Causes Death of Inter-American Students The Governor had asked the Director of the Department and the School Management Committee to strictly implement the Village / Sangkat Policies and ensure internal discipline. Public and private schools should not be returned to the state of inactive or gang-related incidents anymore. .

He added that the school is a training ground, not a place for crime or violence to be used, so if there is a case of discrimination. Continued in any school, departmental leaders and the management of the school itself are accountable to the individual. The law and in front of parents treating students The Phnom Penh Municipality will take appropriate action against any person or entity affecting the in-depth reform process of the Royal Government of Education. Turn on and do not let the small flames of inaction in the fire service.
All Public and Private Schools, Schools, and Government Authorities Under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Must continue to provide excellent education by continuing to provide quality education to all students, students with a good conscience Shiva is committed to adhering to the moral code of the teacher in order to qualify as a "parent".
Second of students. ” Keeping the focus on raising children to and in the education system is learned by all students. At least grade 9 must be strengthened to manage and promote the competitions of the schools in the ninth grade. All to give encouragement to the good principals, the exemplary schools and the schools Good environment. Further education programs related to combating violence, trafficking of women, children, eliminating discrimination In social media to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS, the dangers of drug use and related education will be high. Information, traffic rules, traffic, etc. to inspire participation Prevent and abide by the laws of our society and the youth who are the roots of our society. The push to crack down on alcohol and the sale of sweets and soft drinks on campus is just what the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has done. Recommended in the past, because eating sweets and sweetened beverages would put students at risk for diseases such as cholera. Dentistry, heart disease, obesity, obesity Diabetes is very common and if our human resources are not healthy, then our society is in trouble. . Care about these issues together. For some schools with dilapidated buildings, the administration of the department and the management of the school must be properly supervised. Avoid any accident that may occur. In that case, it is necessary to propose a project to the Phnom Penh Municipal Government to request for the renovation or construction of a new building.

He also confirmed that the new Vireakruna pneumonia virus (2019-nCoV) is currently spreading to countries around the world. Please all teachers, teachers and educators to help disseminate students' concerns and fears with confidence. Appointment of the Royal Government. Also, what we have to focus on and apply to the community is to immediately delete, delete and repel information. No real information or information
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The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health have just considered the official information.

Hem Sinareth, director of the Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Education, Youth and Sport, said that for the past two days, members of the conference had discussed And accomplish a number of measures, including the collection of preschool-aged children. The effectiveness of teaching and learning Learn. Strengthening the management of buildings and schools effectively. Optimize the management of the education system for life-long educational goals. Develop healthy young people, be healthy, know how to live a good life, know how to live together in peace and harmony. Encourage young people to innovate and innovate in entrepreneurship. Strengthening the implementation of physical education, academic institutions, and achieving the goals of the 2012 Asian Games