Demining experts have rescued landmine fears but are now afraid of Kowde 19. Farmers are less afraid of cowboys 19 because they are far away from you and talk about sunny weather. And the sun is not immune to the germs 19.

His Excellency Heng Ratana, Director General of CMAC, on April 7, 2020 wrote that the rainy season is near and so is the time for plowing. Land “Hot rice, Love land? ? ? Yet hot. ”

According to the Ambassador: Thanks to the de-mining team, which has freed the fear of landmines but is now afraid of the Kov 19. Come and plow the fields, not so much afraid of the Kowder 19, for being far from you, and talking about the air, the sun and the heat. The sun is so hot that you can't beat the germs in the clover 19.

“Farmers work hard to produce food, feed the people… Together, we produce agricultural products to support our family life, our society! Prior to the time of the Kiev 19. Tourism, services and industry are the leading, while agriculture accounts for only 23% of GDP, and the Kiev era relies on agriculture to help grow Manufacturing provides jobs that support the livelihoods of the Cambodian people, ”said HE Heng Ratana, CEO of CMAC. Lap