Stung Treng: On June 12, 2020, military police dispatched a truck driverThe court later found the substance, while the wood was sent to Stung Treng's Forestry Administration.

Please note that at around 1 pm, on the 11th of June, 2020, military police stopped a truck carrying a Samson truck. A forestry product near Ou Phan, located in Rarek Kul village of Stung Treng district, brought to the government. Provincial Gendarmerie. The truck was wearing a white 2E33358 bearing the door.

Stung Treng Forestry Administration official confirmed on June 12 that he had received the crime evidence. The non-timber forest product he received as a kind of log (gate) is 4 cubic meters of 233 cubic feet.

According to authorities, the driver of the car, Sok Phanna, a 41-year-old man from Prek Village, Sangkat Stung Treng, Stung Treng town, was The lumbering brokers have long been shipping timber from the Thalavatov district The district forestry administration did not crack down on the crackdown, and a provincial police force had seized it at Stung Treng city after a vehicle crossed the Mekong bridge in an attempt to reach Kratie Province.

After Stampede, Stung Treng Provincial Police Sentenced Illegal Evidence to Forestry Administration The driver of the vehicle with the drug was sent to court in Stung Treng province on June 12, 2020.By: Sokhom