Battambang: The possession and reporting of a fake card In connection with the case, five suspects and five gunmen were arrested in Battambang. Currently, the suspects, including the above material, have been sent to the Battambang Provincial Court to process the case. The road of law.

The Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province on March 11 said that on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, following the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of General Ouch Sokhon Nakhon Ratchaburi Provincial Commissioner, and facilitated the proceedings by the Nuon Chea prosecutor accompanying the trial. He punched the general Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Affairs Tant Vanny ordered the police force in the criminal work plan, which consisted of Mr Colonel. Chief of Police of the Ministry of Criminal Investigation, Tith Chhoeung Kim Song, led a team of preventive intervention groups to cooperate with Case management skills (occupancy and traffic) Counterfeit Currency – a drug dealer and a stockpile of weapons) at a point home In one place in the workers' village, Svay Por Sangkat, Battambang Municipality, Battambang Province.

During the operation, police arrested five suspects, including: 1-year-old Saram Lee, a resident of Dam village; Cabbage Tag, Battambang Municipality, Battambong Province 2-year-old Yean Ratanak, 28, resident of Svay Rieng village, Svay Por village, Battambang province Class 3 – Sororia, male, 30 years old Address: Dampei Village, Sangkat Sla Ket, Battambang Municipality, Battambang Province 4 – Male, 24, Male 5 – Vor Virak, a 20-year-old male from Kratie village, Phnom Sampov Commune, Banan District, Batdong Province Withdrawal items include: Thai Baht 1000 Thai Baht (counterfeit) 30 Thousand Thai Baht 500 Baht (25 Fake) Fake 100 Thai Baht 100 Fake 50 Thai Baht 50 Fake (156 Fake) $ 100 (counterfeit) is one US $ 50 Fake $ 50 Fake $ 20 $ 20 Fake 23 Fake $ 10 US Fake (Fake) 87 cell phones, 7 units of scales for weighing 1 pill, 7 bags of white gram powder (dubious substance)
Some white beanbags, some drug paraphernalia, three knives, one knife made of cinnamon, one stick of cinnamon sticks. One black clasp, one sticker, one moto, one Honda Honda Dream 125 series, 2012 black, badge, Battambang. 1N 6557 One Honda's Air Black Plug, 2010 Series Wear 1D 2646 middle plate.

Lieutenant Colonel Chheang Kim Song said that, according to the confidants, they had brought fake currency into circulation. Spread the word in the province of Battambang in some places, and the rest of them It is also involved in drug cases.

Brigadier General Jit Vannny has urged the people to be careful and be careful about traffic. For the purpose of obtaining a foreign passport, because of the above case, the General asked the citizens. Contribute to the immediate report of the authorities The worst kind of people in the world are those who are traveling in money or money. In order to be effective, measures are cracked on time by: intellectual property