The Ministry of Health has confirmed the number of people infected with the HIV-19 virusA total of 103 cases have been reported in Poipet, Cambodia, after the Ministry announced the discovery of a new case against a woman in Poipet. As of 8:30 am on March 29, those who were treated by Cambodian healers had been cured of corrosion – 19 There were 21 of them.

According to the Ministry of Health's statement, "As of 8:20 am on March 29, 2020, we had identified one COVID-19 patient. Khmer (Female Female, Positively Induced by Positive Patients COVID-19) In total, our country has 103 cases and we have treated well. Eight other people died in a total of 21 deaths. We have found no evidence of community outbreaks yet, but the possibility exists.

Please note: In case of two British people being cured at a Khmer Soviet hospital, they both found positive at Kampong Cham hospital Transferred to Phnom Penh for treatment. A 69-year-old French man and a 27-year-old Muslim man, 63 and 63, are from Malaysia.

The woman who had just discovered that Kov-19 was working for Star TV in Palelay village, Poipet city. Poipet, Banteay Meanchey Province. According to the ministry, the 36-year-old woman was admitted to Banteay Meanchey Referral Hospital. The other three healers are in Battambang and Kampong Chhnang provinces