The British Ministry of Health and Social Care said Friday that another 847 people who tested positive for the disease had died in a British hospital on Thursday afternoon, leading to the death of a virus-related death. This rises to 14,576 people in the empire.

According to the British Ministry of Health on April 18, 2020, according to the British Ministry of Health and Social Care, as of Friday morning, 108,692 people had tested positive for the virus, which showed an increase Daily climbs 5,599 people.

During a press conference at Downing Street Prime Minister's Office on Friday, government science adviser Patrick Vallance noted that the number of new cases reported in hospitals has steadily increased over the last few days. That's why "we expect this to start to decrease in terms of overall cases." .

In the meantime, in a bid to accelerate vaccine research, the government has put together a team led by Vallance and vice-president of medicine for England, Jonathan Van-Tam.
Update: October