On July 3, 2020, police said At approximately 22:10 pm in Group 05, Kon Sek Village, O Malal Commune, Battambang Municipality, a violent incident occurred. Suspected unidentified man using a firearm on a victim, 51-year-old Sian Vuthy, a resident of Kon Sek village, Omar In Battambang, Battambang province caused injuries to the head.

After the incident, the victim filed a complaint to the Battambang Municipal Police Inspectorate to investigate and take legal action against the perpetrator in the complaint. The victim had doubts about a neighbor who had been in a dispute before.

Upon receiving this information, following the orders of HE Lieutenant General Uch Sokhon, Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province and the advice of Lieutenant Colonel Lim Puthyla, deputy commissioner of criminal police work, Lieutenant Colonel Youk Vann Chhay, Battambang Municipal Police Chief, led a special investigation into the case until today. July 4, 2020 Police Arrest Moeun Samoeun, 30, of Koen Sek Village, Sangkat O Mal, Battambang City for questioning Investigating the case after questioning, the suspect confessed to shooting the victim above night July 3, 2020 exactly.

Colonel Chang Van Chhay, Battambang Municipal Police Inspector, confirmed that the suspects used air rifles to shoot at the victims. But he wants to deal with the old grudge. He added that police were now stripping the weapon of the weapon and had sent the case to the office for processing. Continue Legal
By: Kolab