PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – About the DB_Calcu database method Efficiency is the most important because it is the fastest and most innovative program for data in all fields such as taxation, factory Small and medium size students usually take the exam.

On January 23, 2020, Minister of Industry and Handicraft Cham Prasidh receives a delegation of Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Association (JCIA). Directed by Pat Fumio Yamada, Founder of Cambodia-Japan Operating Organization (JCIA) at the Ministry of Ministry.

During the meeting, Senior Minister Cham Prasidh and Dr Yam ada expressed their warmth and remembrance together 25 years ago, which was the first. Mr. Cham Prasidh is Minister of Commerce and Mr. Yamada is Chairman of JCIA Japan which is active in attracting investors. The police came to Tuvalu Investment levels in the country as well as other social activities.

On this occasion, Dr. Yamada stated: “The relationship and friendship between you and His Excellency, Hon. 90 years old and he asks for the right to compile documents and photos of this friendship as an autobiography, requesting the cooperation of economic tycoons. Bond Page. Particularly on this occasion, he brought the first software for Cambodia in the ASEAN region, a computer-based Excel program. The data is approximately 20,000 rows in one second, called the D B_ Calcu data collection method. If the relevant civil servants were to learn one technique, the effectiveness of working in the government would be great. Significant progress has been made. The cost for the installation of this program is equal to zero. Because the extra Softwa r we are going to use is Excel only.
The technique was introduced and taught by Mitsunori Nishino, the only one in the world for which he is also an accountant. Professionals and tax professionals, ”he said.

In the presentation, he said that the reason is simple: we need to understand and integrate The concept and technology of 11 points, if one lack, will not work. For students who choose to take the course are IT professionals with a total of 6 days Hours and 6 days are not consecutive because of the time for self-reflection and self-actualization. Once learned, they will be able to continue as teachers.

Senior Minister Cham Prasidh approved Dr Yamada's ideas for compilation of books and memorabilia. . Regarding the DB_Calcu data methodology, he said that the importance of the program is new. And a smoothest process for data in various fields such as the tax sector Factories, SMEs, and the average student population.

Firstly, Mr. Creedith decided to recruit 10 officers in the General Department of Professionals Learn to be a trainer for further training. He also asked M itsunori Nishino to teach more in government institutions. And Foundations by: Kolab