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Many stores, especially in developed countries such as the US, have collapsed one after another because they have not adapted To a situation that is changing and continues to implement out-of-date business models.

In the beginning, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has vowed not to do the same. So he held on to a view that prompted Amazon to continue experimenting with new ideas despite some failures. He called this view "day one."

Generally, at an early stage, every institution can move fast and hard, but after a bigger business, the complexity It also increases and each decision becomes slower. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the company and its strength.

For Beos, he has always tried to avoid the situation for Amazon, and he admits it is not as easy as it sounds. He said he had to learn as an institution to prevent himself from falling into the situation. Every day is a new day, the world is changing every day, and we are We must look for change, create change, and adapt to change. It's a lesson for all managers and leaders. It's the meaning behind the first day perspective forever. "
How about a second day different from the first?

For the billionaire above, the second day is a day of stagnation, followed by a day when all else is gone In other words. After that, it's a day of great setbacks and the end of business.

That's why Beos always chose the first day. As someone who has always wanted to win at a young age, day two was never his choice.