Phnom Penh: Daun Penh District Establishes Home Care and Treatment Team for 19 Kovid Patients and Inspects 114 Stalactic Blocks From district to commune officials, headed by Daun Penh district governor Sok Penh Vuth.

The Daun Penh district administration decision, obtained by the Post on July 17, states: “An advisory working group has been set up. Manage and care for 19 Kovid 19 patients at home and the team inspects the closure site of Kovid 19 due to Kovid 19 in Khan Daun Penh.

According to the decision, the team is responsible for monitoring, consulting, managing, caring for and treating 19 Kovid patients at home and at locations. Blocked Chattali Sak due to Kovid 19 disease.

This decision further states that the 11 Sangkat administrations of Daun Penh district must establish a working group to consult, manage, care and treat you. Kovid 19 disease at home and inspect the location of the blockade of Chattalysak due to Kovid 19 disease in the village in its district.