Takeo: Speaking at the Meeting on Land Traffic Law and ImpactIn the morning of February 12, 2020, Kang Anand Keo, the governor of Daun Keo City, gave instructions to the police. However, not all students are allowed to be near the public as he has been detained and called a parent's guardian. Doing after-school education It is used in e-cigarettes or at the school's website, which is a bad example in the school because electronic cigarettes are used for those who want to quit. Smoking is not for students who just started smoking in school or in school, and e-cigarettes are also a trigger. We are learning too.

The governor added that from now on, if it is found that there are more students in the e-cigarette category Teachers need to report to the authorities or the authorities for a temporary detention.

As well as advising students to abstain from drugs and drugs, Kang Anand also called on all citizens, especially his students. Students are to abide by the rules of the Road Transport Act by driving various vehicles with a rear view mirror. Safety hat and seat belt As well for their own safety and your family's.

It should be noted that the dissemination of traffic law and the impact of the drug on 2176 high school students in Chea Sim Taekwee City, by: Takeo