Takeo: Sunday morning, March 22, 2020, Kang Anand The Mayor of Daun Keo, along with the Deputy Mayor and City Hall officials, have been studying and disseminating the Daun Keo administration instructions to businesses and citizens. At the Takeo mall that there is no closure of the Takeo mall, don't believe them.

Daun Keo Mayor Kang Anan said that for the rumor that authorities would close the Takeo market for five days, the cause of the violence To the surprise of the people, they bought food and caused some corrupt merchants to raise the prices. It's usually open to the citizens The panic continued.

Taking the opportunity to take part in the Takeo market, Daun Keo Mayor also educates business people and residents on personal hygiene by washing their hands and soap. Frequently or alcoholic to prevent and prevent the new invasive strains of viremovirus 19 by: Takeo