Phnom Penh: Everyone must have a clear dream if we really become leaders, company owners and rich. If there is a dream and the next step, you should put your body and mind into action to pursue that dream. But there is no work that does not face obstacles, just more or less, but it will be solved if each of us is But do not give up.

Chea Sokheak, Director General of SORYA Center Point, said that she believes that everything in the world is man-made. Despite today's technology, in order to create greatness, people always dare to dream, dare to dream and be Have self-confidence too. Ms. Chea Sok Heak continued, "There must be action if there are dreams and fantasies, but if not Without action, the dream will not come true. Therefore, each of us should use our talents to make dreams come true and strive to be committed. Mind.

"I believe that everything comes from ourselves, no matter what the obstacles," she added. "We also have to overcome and keep trying until we achieve any goal or goal we are dreaming of."

On the other hand, she said that we must be responsible people, as a Cambodian citizen, we must be responsible for ourselves. On the family and society as a whole, it can be said to be the beginning of respect for discipline, being a moral person, virtuous. Obey traffic laws, participate in environmental protection, clean up the city, etc. Those are all activities that show responsibility. Ms. Chea Sok Heak added, "And I believe that we can all become leaders and become rich, which all depend on. Go on those things I mentioned above.

I always share with everyone, no matter my staff, if we want to be rich or a leader we have to Dare to imagine or have a dream first. We will not be able to become rich even if some people do not dare to think or dare to imagine that they can become You are rich and always think you are incapable of being able to do it.