Kompong Speu: Kompong Speu Provincial Police said On May 28, 2020, on Route 130 at Pring Village, Rolleang Commune, Samrong Tong District, Kampong Speu, a truck carrying a FUSO brand car carrying a Kampong Speu 3A-2889 badge Sung Trang Rollers wearing license plate number 4A-7090, driving by male name Hoeun Ratanak, 28, lives in Trapeang Chhouk village, Bet Chrey commune, Stueng Trang district, Kampong Cham province.

Prior to the incident, the driver of the car reported that another car with white head (no license plate ..) In a parallel direction from west to east, the car had to steer when it approached. The danger situation itself shook his right arm, but the unfavorable situation broke.

In the above incident, there were no serious injuries and no injuries to passersby. Road above. According to the authority, traffic police of the district of the province immediately intervened after the accident: Battery life comes from the loss of control of the steering wheel as a result of another car crash. Driving in a narrow lane is not conducive to allowing the vehicle to work.

Currently, a representative of a trucking company took the truck from the scene and sent the case to the traffic police office of the provincial police Kompong Speu to check and take the procedure.

Driving in a dangerous situation is very risky, so please all drivers in respect of road traffic rules and be aware Agree in an unfavorable situation. Obey traffic laws, love your life and others