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If you don't need to visit the district for a year, it's OK to avoid infection and infection with the virus D 19. But if necessary visit the parents there. Here are some considerations.

First, be careful of getting infected with the Kovir 19 infection by washing your hands often with alcohol or a gel that is sterile. Take with you a mask, away from a lot of people.

Moreover Kod 19 Unknown to Parents, Unknown to Others, Unknown to the Old, Unknown to the Rich, to the Poor The little one does not know the great.

We have no intention of transmitting the virus to all family members and loved ones. But the Kov 19 was pretty brutal. It lends itself to hurting people around us by spreading the virus to anyone near us.

Family members are the ones we are closest to. So, in the event that someone is infected with the HIV-19 virus, that person may pass it on to family members, such as parents And you are
The original. It's the kind of thing nobody wants to do and want to see.

So be careful for our own well-being and for our loved ones.

We all know that the most vulnerable people in the clutches of the Trichomonas virus are the elderly and the human. Pregnant women, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

In order not to be regretted, all of us, young and old, need to start taking care of the vulnerable. There is in each of us a home that can be our parents, grandparents, or aunt.

We should avoid or reduce face-to-face meetings with them and instead use the remote telephone.

If it is necessary to meet face to face with them, or to bring him food, we must wear a mask and stay away from him Up to 2 meters.

We told him that we were doing this to protect them. Also, always wash your hands when preparing food and after touching items.