Phnom Penh: People infected with HIV 19 (Source: WHO & CDC) By night, June 27, 2020, infection of HIV infection 19: A total of 10 ASEAN countries infected with the virus 19: 143,586. Total number of healers: 80,356, total deaths: 4,170.

As of the night of June 27, 2020, the population had contracted the HIV virus 19:

In Indonesia, there were 52,812 total healers, 21,909 healers and 2,720 deaths.

In Singapore, there were a total of 43,246 people treated, 36,825 total healers and 26 dead.

In the Philippines, a total of 34,803 people died, 9,430 total healers died, and 1236 died.

04 In Malaysia, there are a total of 8,616 healers, a total of 8,308, and a total of 121 deaths.

In Thailand, there are a total of 3,162 healers, 3,053 healers, and a total of 58 deaths.

In Vietnam, a total of 355 people have been treated, with a total of 330 recovering.

There are 293 Myanmar healers, 215 healers and 6 dead.

08 In Brunei, there are a total of 141 healers, 138 healers, three deaths.

In Cambodia, there are a total of 139 healers, a total of 129 dead.

In Laos, a total of 19 people are recovering, 19 healers have died.