Phnom Penh: The population infected with the 19 19 virus (Source: WHO & CDC) Total number of healers: 124,527 Total deaths: 6,191.

As of the night of July 20, 2020, the population was infected with the Kovid 19 virus:

In Indonesia, a total of 86,521 people were treated, a total of 45,401 people were treated, and a total of 4,143 people died.

In the Philippines, a total of 67,456 people were treated, a total of 22,465 people were treated and a total of 1,831 people died.

In Singapore, a total of 47,912 people were treated, 44,086 people were treated and 27 people died.

In Malaysia, a total of 8,779 people were treated, 8,553 people were treated, and 123 people were killed.

05 In Thailand, a total of 3,250 people, 3,096 healers, 58 deaths.

In Vietnam, a total of 383 people were treated and 357 people were not killed.

In Myanmar, a total of 341 people were treated, 276 were treated and 6 died.

08 In Cambodia, a total of 171 people were treated, a total of 136 people died.

In Brunei, a total of 141 people were treated, 138 were treated and 3 died.

In Laos, a total of 19 people were treated, 19 died.