The newly appointed Cuban ambassador to Cambodia, Liurka Rodriguez Barrios, has vowed to explore every possible opportunity for cooperation in key areas with Cambodia.

During a working meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mr. Krasat Kheng Kheng, the Deputy Prime Minister at the Ministry of Interior, on the afternoon of February 18, 2020, Liurka Rodriguez Barrios thanked Cambodia for maintaining the security and peace that Cambodia has today. She remembers that Cuba and Cambodia had similar challenges in their pursuit of socio-economic development and are now as secure as Cambodia.

"Cuba will explore every possible opportunity to establish cooperation in key areas with Cambodia, including the public security sector, which is under the control and responsibility of the Ministry of Interior," she said. Also.

In the framework of the Ministry of Interior, there are two main functions of the Ministry of Interior: First, the work of the sub-national administration and the second, the public security sector. Operations in the field of public security.

He also praised the leadership of the Cuban leadership for maintaining peace and stability to serve the development and interests of the Cuban people. He said that the Royal Government of Cambodia continues to strengthen and enhance cooperation with its former friends. By Eng Bucheng